You+Me | Rose Ave. – New Duo Music Review

You+Me is good, but let’s be honest, Dallas Green outperformed Pink. Pink has a unique voice and that’s what separates her from other female singers, so she was good in that aspect. The part that didn’t work for me, she couldn’t find a way to step back and let Green take control on their new album, Rose Ave. He’s the more experienced songwriter and his singing is also more fit for this type of Folk music, so until she can learn a few things from him, the project will stay labeled as good.

Though the project wasn’t quite what I expected, it was still unique and interesting. Many of the fans that listened to the album, earlier on, were asking for more Green on the album, so it felt more like a new City and Colour album. I think it helped him gain more exposure to do an album with Pink, but their voices were just too different to mesh.

Best track on the album was, “Gently.” This was the one track that Pink was able to control her timbre and didn’t crowd the track with her vocals. This is a relevant issue throughout the album, but not on this one. The harmony was exquisite, the tone was set perfectly with the soft plucks of the guitar and Green was the sole writer for this track, so the lyrics are as pretty as the vocals.

The background music throughout the album is pleasant and that’s because Green provided it. He was the master key to unlocking a good album, so much props to him.

The album has a western feel to it at times with the twangy sound of steel guitar and that really adds character to the ensemble that backed up Green and Pink. Traditionally, Folk music doesn’t include any kind of drums in its music, but this project might have been a bit more unique if they would have found a way to implement a drummer.

This album isn’t for everyone, but it really is a unique project worth a listen, even if it’s a one-time thing. I know I say that a lot for niche music, but this project won’t completely appeal to Pink fans, even though I think they will be impressed by what these two are doing.

Overall, I’ll give this project a B+. If Pink can get passed the learning curve of transitioning to Folk, then I’ll be impressed, but I don’t think this duo will go further than this one album. I guess that also makes this album a desirable download.

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