A sign about preventing the spread of the coronavirus is posted on the door of The Green Cross cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, Wednesday, March 18, 2020. As about 7 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area are under shelter-in-place orders, only allowed to leave their homes for crucial needs in an attempt to slow virus spread, marijuana stores remain open and are being considered "essential services." (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

You can now order marijuana for curbside pick-up in Colorado because of COVID

Alcohol can be delivered and cannabis is going curbside in Colorado — all in an effort for people to stay home but keep the economy afloat.

It won’t be the most critical executive orders Gov. Jared Polis signs during the Coronavirus pandemic, but they could turn out to the most popular.

What happened: Stealing the headlines on Friday was the announcement Coloradans, for the next 30 days, could order alcohol for takeout or delivery from restaurants, taprooms, and bars. But in that directive, Polis included a provision that cannabis can now be ordered online over the phone, ready to be picked-up at a dispensary.

Marijuana recreational and medicinal dispensaries can offer curbside pickup so customers would not have to go inside to purchase their items, limiting their contact. A customer would still have to pay at the store and present valid identification. Also, dispensaries’ surveillance system would need to record the transaction and customer vehicles.

Big Picture: There are over 1,000 medical and recreational marijuana stores in operation. Going to online ordering keeps the cannabis industry open as other non-essential businesses close down. But it will be a race for dispensaries to set-up their online systems before they have to take them down again on April 18.

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