‘Yogurt on Union’ is a Go-To Guilt-Free Treat

Frozen yogurt has been on the rise for some time now as a healthy substitute for ice cream. Especially now during these dog days of summer when more and more people crave something sweet to beat the heat that’s still bikini-body-friendly, they reach for a cup of fro-yo over an ice cream cone as it has less calories, less fat content and very little noticeable difference in taste and texture.

Until a little over three months ago, the only place in Pueblo to find good fro-yo was Menchies Frozen Yogurt – located in the Pueblo Mall. Now don’t get me wrong, Menchies is great! Except it’s a chain company. And for people like me who pride themselves in supporting local businesses, going there has the potential to induce a certain amount of consumer-guilt.

Cue Yogurt on Union: the new (local!) family-owned frozen yogurt shop located, as the name suggests, at 101 N Union Avenue right here in downtown Pueblo. Local business lovers rejoice! Not only does the location of Yogurt on Union in close proximity to the Riverwalk make it an ideal spot to cool off during a day full of summer shenanigans (without having to high-tail it all the way over to the northern side of town), but the shop itself is too cute not to Instagram. Enjoy a cup full of your favorite flavor inside at the sleek bar top facing out at the bustling Union Ave beyond, or take a short walk down to the water to enjoy your fro-yo riverside.

Unlike Menchies, Yogurt on Union has more to offer than only traditional soft-serve frozen yogurt. Yogurt on Union’s menu also includes yogurt-based smoothies, fresh fruit parfaits, and even Greek-style and non-dairy frozen yogurt selections. They also have a ‘$5 take-home freezer’ in the store where you can purchase pre-packaged containers of frozen yogurt (available in limited flavors) to save for later.

(Photo PULP)

Health gurus also rejoice! All of Yogurt on Union’s product is made of 100 percent fruit sugar or fructose. Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar found in honey and fruit, and a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners and cane and corn sugars. Fructose is absorbed by the body slower than these other sweeteners, which results in fewer fluctuations in blood sugar. Fructose also ranks low on the Glycemic Index, making it a better option for diabetics or those just trying to watch their weight.

What really sets Yogurt on Union apart for me are its selections of Greek-style and non-dairy frozen yogurt. As a fan of the health benefits of Greek yogurt, I can tell you how rare it is that I find a place that offers Greek-style frozen yogurt. One of the main differences between regular and Greek yogurt is the probiotic count of Greek yogurt. During the pasteurization process most of the live cultures and probiotics in regular yogurt are killed off, whereas Greek yogurt preserves those healthy bacterias that work wonders for your gut. Plus in the same amount of calories, Greek yogurt contains double the protein and half the sugar content of regular yogurt. It also tends to be slightly tangier in taste and creamier in texture than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is low in lactose as well, making it a viable option for people with lactose intolerance. All of the non-dairy yogurt selections available at Yogurt on Union are also probiotic-enriched, lactose-free and even vegan.

Interaction with the community is another major part of Yogurt on Union’s appeal. Through online customers polls available on the Yogurt on Union website, the people decide which flavors of the week they want to see in the store. And they are heard! By popular demand, two non-dairy flavors are now consistently available in-store each week.

Yogurt on Union also has monthly specials. For example, during the month of August every Friday was $5 Fill-Up Day where you could fill your cup with as much frozen yogurt as your heart desires for only $5. They also offer a discount for merchants, employees and residents of the downtown area. Just mention it at checkout to get yours! Penny savers: go ahead and rejoice too!

We all deserve to indulge our sweet tooth with no regrets. Yogurt on Union makes it easy. The next time yours is throbbing, get on down to Union Ave and treat yourself to a dessert you can feel good about.

Yogurt on Union is open Mon-Thurs 12pm to 6pm, and Fri-Sun 12pm to 8pm. To check out the flavors of the week, current monthly specials or for more information you can visit their website: www.yogurtonunion.com or give them a call at 719-582-8881.