‘Yogurt on Union’ is a Go-To Guilt-Free Treat


Frozen yogurt has been on the rise for some time now as a healthy substitute for ice cream. Especially now during these dog days of summer when more and more people crave something sweet to beat the heat that’s still bikini-body-friendly, they reach for a cup of fro-yo over an ice cream cone as it has less calories, less fat content and very little noticeable difference in taste and texture.

Until a little over three months ago, the only place in Pueblo to find good fro-yo was Menchies Frozen Yogurt – located in the Pueblo Mall. Now don’t get me wrong, Menchies is great! Except it’s a chain company. And for people like me who pride themselves in supporting local businesses, going there has the potential to induce a certain amount of consumer-guilt.

Cue Yogurt on Union: the new (local!) family-owned frozen yogurt shop located, as the name suggests, at 101 N Union Avenue right here in downtown Pueblo. Local business lovers rejoice! Not only does the location of Yogurt on Union in close proximity to the Riverwalk make it an ideal spot to cool off during a day full of summer shenanigans (without having to high-tail it all the way over to the northern side of town), but the shop itself is too cute not to Instagram. Enjoy a cup full of your favorite flavor inside at the sleek bar top facing out at the bustling Union Ave beyond, or take a short walk down to the water to enjoy your fro-yo riverside.

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‘Yogurt on Union’ is a Go-To Guilt-Free Treat
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