Years & Years | Communion – Album Review

With their first major label debut, Years & Years was expected to do a lot with their album, Communion, but I’m afraid to say it, there were moments of lackluster for the young trio. Though it didn’t have enough variation, the highlight moments made it completely worth it.

“Without” and “Real” were very solid tracks and it brought in some extra flavor. It was so good that one of those tracks made it on to our PULP Spotify Playlist this month. The blend of R&B and captivating vocals lure in the listener as Olly Alexander belts out an emotional confirmation of his validity as a singer. Here’s a hint, he does just that. These tracks were energetic, just enough electronica and the pinch of synth made it complete.

“Ties” and “Gold,” these were the tracks that leaned more toward ordinary, but I didn’t leave the experience unimpressed. The beat production was great and the vibrant tones within the instrumentals brought the tracks to life. Olly, again, had a quite the showcase in brief moments during these songs. It just wasn’t enough to keep my attention.

“Worship,” “Desire,” “Border,” “Eyes Shut” and “Foundation” were all fantastic tracks with a complete set of great vocals and beat production, so for the naysayers, this album limped its way into the top albums list of the year.

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