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Writers’ Tribute to Denver is Intersection of Past and Present; Fiction and Journalism

“It's commonly said that a newspaper is fresh in the morning and fish wrap by the evening,” writes John Temple, the former editor of “Rocky Mountain News” (dubbed “The Rocky” by subscribers) – a daily award-winning newspaper published in Denver from April of 1859 until February of 2009.

At the time of its closing “The Rocky’s” circulation was upwards of 250 thousand people. The paper has won four Pulitzer Prizes since 2000, including one in Feature Writing and Feature Photography. After the demise of “The Rocky,” Denver officially became a one-newspaper city leaving “The Denver Post” as its sole large-circulation daily paper, which it remains to this day.

“The Rocky” was as old as Denver itself – the first issue being printed on a press hauled by oxcart from Omaha, Nebraska at the start of the Colorado Gold Rush. Reportedly, the first issue of “The Rocky” was printed just 20 minutes ahead of its then-rival: “The Cherry Creek Pioneer.” The paper went on to serve as the city’s primary news source for just shy of a century and a half before closing its doors.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the city of Denver, and as a proper send-off for the state of Colorado’s oldest newspaper, Temple and former Books Editor for “The Rocky,” Patti Thorn, enlisted the help of some of Colorado’s most accomplished fiction writers fo…

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Writers’ Tribute to Denver is Intersection of Past and Present; Fiction and Journalism
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