Wintry Things To Do in Breckenridge Colorado (That Aren’t Skiing)

While it’s clear that Breckenridge isn’t just a ski town, it’s still a popular spot for anyone heading into the mountains during the winter. If you need some other ideas when heading to Breckenridge, here are festivals and activities to consider in this historical, mountain town this winter.

Ullr Fest

This festival is one of the first festivals that Breckenridge ever formed 55 years ago. Since a lot of the ski instructors were Norwegian at the beginning of the ski slopes in Breckenridge in the 1950s, the festival was born out of Norse myth—Ullr (pronounced “Ew-Lur”) was the Norse God of Snow—and the celebration of snow. The festival includes a parade, bonfire, and the World’s Longest Shot Ski. 2018’s Ullr Festival will be held January 10th-13th.


International Snow Sculpture Championships
Teams come from all around the world to compete in this snow sculpting competition held annually in Breckenridge for the last 28 years. There will be a spectacular Ice Village located in the area around the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge. Artists begin sculpting on January 22nd and will be finished with their sculpture on the 26th. Children can participate in a Junior Snow Sculpture Class on the 27th, and sculptures will be up until the 29th.

For more info: www.gobreck.com

Snowmobile Tours & Dog Sledding
Snowmobiling remains a very popular thing to do in the snow, providing people a fun, exciting way to explore Colorado’s beautiful backcountry. For something just as adventurous but more rustic and historical, then dogsledding might be your choice. Both activities are rare ways to explore Colorado during the winter that don’t require skis or strenuous physical activity.


Hut Trips
If you want an experience that pushes you physically and gets you into the outdoors away from the crowded mountain town areas, then a hut trip might be the perfect adventure to try. Simply rent a bed or entire hut that is run by the 10th Mountain Division in the backcountry of Summit County—and then hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski to the hut, usually a few miles away.


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