Why Pueblo?

I LOVE it here! When I first came here I quickly realized that there is a sky. I’d heard of it, but it was something I had never seen in NYC. When I’d gaze up between towering buildings all I would ever see was this little sliver of dark and brooding clouds that threatened to soak me on my way to work. Here you never see clouds. Well, except for the clouds up north, out west or down south. But never here in Pueblo. Happy sunshine town! Oh yeah, and at night there are these cool little sparkling lights. I think they’re called stars.

Next, I love the people here. They’re super friendly and there is a strong sense of community. I feel like I have many more “real” friends out here than I ever had in Manhattan. As well, there is a great arts and music scene here. My only beef is I wish more people came out to support each other’s projects and the entire Indie music scene. C’mon people – if there’s no support it will eventually disappear.

Finally… It’s really frikkin’ cheap to live out here! Let me put this into perspective: at one point out here, the combined rent for my house, my recording and photography studio, and a bar I was managing was less than what I paid for a tiny one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

In NYC, $40 equals two drinks and a tip that will make your bartender pee in your next drink. $40 in Pueblo can make for a full night of drinking. You can bring a date to the finest restaurants here in town and will probably have a bill less than $200. In the finest restaurants in NYC, $200 will get you their cheapest bottle of wine. Here I can have a great meal at King Taco for the price I would pay for pseudo meat at Taco Bell.

A town where I can afford the “good life” on an artist’s budget, where there’s great weather and I have great friends? I’m down! Any more dumb questions?

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