Well Done 4 – Tyga | Mixtape Review

Well Done 4

Cash Money Records

It looks like, little by little, rappers are actually trying to bring back Hip-Hop. This year’s sound is different, but rappers are starting to master their flow and Tyga has done just that. His producers have done an excellent job with crafting this Dirty South album of instrumentals that mold to his vocals and Tyga took more time with putting together his rhymes.

Coming into this review for “Well Done 4”, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Young Money’s Tyga, but he decided to outshine everyone in his crew and that includes Lil’ Wayne, so make sure to check out “Good Day.” There weren’t very many guest appearances and there wasn’t much buzz about this mixtape, but that’ll all end once people get their hands on it.

“Young Kobe,” which is the fifth track on the mixtape, is the type of track that acts as a prime example of Tyga’s style. It’s so cocky, it’s confident and he was still able to kick good rhymes, while maintaining to keep the whole track hype. A lot of rappers had gotten lazy and skip the process it takes to make the rhyming more advanced, but this is the first time I’ve heard Tyga do it. A round of applause for Tyga’s efforts on this one.

This mixtape had everything to make it entertaining. “Throw It Up” was a club banger, “When To Stop,” featuring Chris Brown, was a track he crafted for the ladies and “Versace Versace” was Tyga’s stab at the Dirty South style.

This isn’t the best mixtape I’ve ever heard, but it’s a lot better than what I’ve heard in recent memory, so that’s what makes it highly suggested for all the Hip-Hop fans out there.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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