The internet has it all; from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube videos of Seth Rogen and James Franco making a shot for shot remake of a sexy Kanye West video, the interwebs are the one-stop shop for the antithesis of productivity.

Now, the internet has us – Mostly Sheep will be a weekly blog from the mind of me, Nick Jurney. It’s a place for me to pour out my thoughts on all things sports, and some things pop culture. I say “all things” sports, but I wil probably never talk about soccer. It doesn’t count to me, and it’s bad enough that I have to cover it for my “job”.

I write sports at a small-town newspaper, by the way. I live in Salida, which is only a hop, skip,and jump away from South Park, for those who only know small mountain towns from the show. Salida is a cool place, but it reminds me a lot of the show “Portlandia”. Actually, it’s more of a mixture of the “artsy”people from Portlandia and the nonsensical people from the town hall meetings in “Parks and Recreation”.

The name “Mostly Sheep” came from an idea that a clever guy by the name of Russ Van Dyk had, and it stems from reasons that I don’t feel like explaining. But it’s funny to me, and that’s what really matters. One time Richard Sherman tweeted “A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep”, which is a pretty cool quote.

But if you take it literally, I bet lions are pretty self-conscious animals and they do care what other animals think. That’s probably why they’re so aggressive all the time. But would a lion really ever encounter a sheep in a real-world scenario? I doubt it. Maybe if they were both getting a haircut at the same place, but the sheep would have to be on vacation or something to be in the lion’s neighborhood.

Anyway, welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy the words that appear on the computer screen after I type them. Sometimes I will have guest interviews and guest writers. So if you have an idea for something that you want to talk about, feel free to shoot me an email at njurney@gmail.com

Thanks for following along. If you like following, follow me on Twitter @NJurney. I’m not funny on there but I try to be. 

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