Welcome to PULP’s new music section

Here at the PULP, we are trying to figure out ways to reinvent the idea of what newspapers can do and how we can do it better. 

We weren’t satisfied with our music coverage. We felt we needed to blend the local with the trending. The big artists with a great local track we found on Soundcloud. 

That’s why we are launching three new permanent sections. 

//Music – the most visually stunning way to see the biggest music stories and discover best local artists.   

The Soundbooth Blog – our music blog.

And coming soon our music events calendar. Where where artists, bands and venues can submit their listings through PULP’s megaphone to our readers. 

The best of what we do at PULP //Music will then grace the pages of our amazing newsmagazine. Being on a blog gets you noticed but being in print gives you a legacy.

Local artists you wanted us to create a section to feature your work — we listened and this is just the start.

Want us to listen to a track or watch your band’s video on Youtube? Send it in through email, on Twitter @pulpnewsmag, or on Facebook at fb.com/pulpnewsmag.

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