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We need your help to tell a better story of Southern Colorado

I feel compelled to be this honest about the state of local news in Southern Colorado and say we need support from our great PULP Universe now more than ever. Here's why.

PULP is doing fine but we’ve reached a point where the demands for more, yes, I get the emails asking for more, has forced me to say local coverage of Southern Colorado is at its weakest point in decades. To combat this for 2019, we plan to expand the pages of the PULP every issue and turn into a true digital daily with the best Colorado journalism found anywhere.

We, here at the PULP, have tried to give Southern Colorado a stronger voice, one that travels beyond the pages of the PULP, beyond a post on Facebook or Twitter —  always believing that Southern Colorado deserves a better story, told to the larger Universe. But I need your continuing support for the PULP team and ask you considered subscribing to the PULP.

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In 84 issues, we’ve seen the PULP alter the narrative of this place we call home through being honest, fair, and not apologizing for trying to be more than cheap content. Sometimes we failed, sometimes we made mistakes, but the soul of Southern Colorado was and is in everything we produce.

In those 84 issues, as we put our heads down and just tried to tell the best stories we could, I’ve watched as the oldest daily in Colorado sold Pueblo out. I’ve seen the sensationalism and just unethical stunts to stir up controversy. I’ve listened to a voicemail of a publisher threaten a politician because that politician didn’t support what that news organization wanted.

Because of this my view of journalism has changed. I thought the PULP could be the voice of reason and go deeper on issues, people and stories while others focused on the day-to-day stories.

I was wrong. As Pueblo switches over to a strong mayor impacting the lives of 160k or more Puebloans, potentially altering the region by waking up this old, sleeping giant, I know now that PULP is the last local that must do more and we are going to need your help.

There are so many stories that should be told every month that it’s impossible for PULP alone to do it all, fairly and accurately.

The questions are always asked.

“I love the PULP; when are you going to do a story on…?”

Other times people wonder, “When are you going to do a story on us down here?” The down here part is everywhere in Southern Colorado these days and it’s stories on art galleries, investigative journalism, and bands coming through the area.

What I get told often is, “We are so tired of [that other paper] we need more of you guys.”

Well, we want to tell those stories. I want PULP to do more. I want the PULP to continue to be a place on these pages and digitally where it means something “to be in the PULP.” I want readers and writers to feel as if they are part of something bigger, a part of telling the story of Southern Colorado.

In these last 84 issues and with the metrics to back this up, the PULP has been exporting the best of Southern Colorado and it has been bringing the best of Colorado to this part of the state.

But, I started out by saying I was going to be honest about the PULP. In order to do more, I need your monthly support for the people who produce PULP in print and digitally. It takes this great team to make the PULP and they want to do more for Southern Colorado and tell the story it deserves.

I understand, by asking for your monthly support, I’m supposed to say something like you are protecting Democracy or take back local news or something.

At the PULP, we think in different terms. We believe strong journalism captures the soul of Southern Colorado making us all stronger and we need your help.

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We need your help to tell a better story of Southern Colorado
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