We Are Not A Glum Lot – Self-titled | Local Music Review

We Are Not A Glum Lot

Indie Rock

After years of live performances and releasing only a few individual songs, the group We Are Not A Glum Lot has decided to put forth an offering for their fans. The group recorded a 5-song album, that is comparable with other popular Indie Rock artists like The Strokes and The Black Keys, but they didn’t have to imitate to successfully compete in the Indie Rock scene.

It’s an excellent showcase of some local talent from 4 guys from Colorado Springs, who already seemed to be veteraned in the music world. With all of their experience, the album has a very professional sound with no errors in the recording. With good sound engineering on top of the skilled musicians, the album is quite the local treat.

Sam Erickson, who is the main vocalist and guitarist, puts out a strong performance on this record and, manages to capture a unique and edgy ‘80s style of Punk with his vocals. Zac Blum, the bassist, puts down a consistent bass line that keeps the band together while actually creating a new melody within the group’s structure. Colin Foxwell, who is the violinist and guitarist, also adds a particular flavor to the group that helps separate them from other Punk Rock groups in the area. Finally, John Carey, the percussionist, is the one who holds the tempo and adds character with his hard, and straight-forward drum patterns.

“War Song,” which is the middle song on the album, is my favorite track out of all the songs to choose from. It’s edgy, it’s original and it captures all the talent that this group has to offer.

The group offers some individuality and taste of music that might not be too familiar in the Southern Colorado area, but that’s what makes them unique. I think a lot of people will get a kick out of what this group is doing. I was impressed and I think a lot of people will be, once they decide to give the group’s album a try. The group is still somewhat new to the game of studio recording, so I think we’re going to hear and see this group develop some well-established studio cuts throughout all of their progress.

For many, this record was highly anticipated and I vote that it’s worth the listen, so make sure to check out the band’s recording on their bandcamp page at wearenotaglumlot.bandcamp.com.

Felix Cordova | @FazeisFamous

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