Walk The Moon | Talking Is Hard – Retro Music Review

Who is Walk The Moon? I feel foolish for not discovering this band sooner, but it’s never too late. Their latest album, Talking is Hard, is pretty exciting. It has everything you want in music: great vocals, very Popish Indie vibes and an up-tempo drive throughout the whole album.

The sudden urge to bob your head is OK, that’s what they were going for. This ‘80s retro Pop sound is very delectable. A tall glass of Walk The Moon is similar to a Red Bull, because it’s nonstop energy.

The group debuted in 2008, independently, and then was finally signed in 2010.But, it wasn’t until recently that the band finally found its true identity and that’s what makes this album so great. They discovered themselves on this project. The lyrics are compelling while the instrumentalists put together a very irresistible back drop to the great vocals of Nicholas Petricca. Petricca basically sounds like a mash up of Adam Levine and Brandon Flowers, with a touch of Matt Healy.

If you don’t know who those singers are, or what bands they belong to, then look them up and you’ll be surprised to have missed out on such good music.

This is how Indie music is supposed to be done. To all the other Indie bands out there, take notes. The heavy synth is perfectly layered with the right amount of drums and the dreamy guitar and keyboard riffs are too contagious to stop listening.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is definitely an underdog story. They’re somewhat popular, but get zero radio play on the local radio stations. It’s just taking a while for people to catch on. Trust me, they will. You will.

Get your hands on a copy of this album for sure. I mean that figuratively, because downloading it is your best bet. This way, you won’t waste another minute without hearing this groovy and out of control, in a good way, album. Add this album to your must-hear list before too many hipsters ruin it for you.

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