Underground Luxury – B.o.B | Album Review

Underground Luxury

Atlantic Records

The singer-rapper B.o.B is back and he takes on a lot of topics in this one album, “Underground Luxury”. He talks about his life, he takes on the industry and he still managed to squeeze in a few club bangers.

Surprisingly, B.o.B has supplied some of the best lyrical content I’ve heard all year and his flow has continued to improve. The way he structures his multis and the way he manages to tell a story makes it all worth it once you hit the play button. Without a proper rhyme scheme, he would just fall in the category labelled “ordinary.”

Though he tends to lack the ability to create a catchy hook on this album, he makes up for it with the verses he cleverly put together. Even though I was unhappy with most of the hooks on his album, “Cranberry Moonwalk” was the most catchy one on his album and the whole song is actually quite entertaining.

The highlight track, which is “Back Me Up,” is the song that changed my perception of him completely. It’s the first time that B.o.B is comparably one of the better rappers in the game. His intricate combination of words and multiple syllable rhythm put him ahead of a lot of these simple rappers that exist.

There are a lot of good songs on the album, but two songs stuck out as the weaker ones. “One Day,” which is just too much singing for a rapper to do, was the weakest due to the lack of rapping. He duplicated this style on “Coastline” and that track also stuck out from the album, because the lack of flow makes the listener want to skip the song.

The true club banger and the song with the most buzz is “Headband,” which is the song that he rapped about sex, drugs and partying, so it’s the stereotypical song that every rapper needs. People expected this track, but it came good and it doesn’t take away from his performance.

I suggest every Hip-Hop head and fan to stop what they are doing, and go check out this album. B.o.B’s Underground Luxury is more than worth a listen.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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