Troubled Days – Seabird | Album Review

Troubled Days

Credential Records

Seabird has created something good and it’s on an album that everyone can listen to. They put together a track list of songs that explain the troubled days of a broken relationship. From the man’s point of view, Seabird fan’s get to see what it’s like fighting for a woman’s affection.

Seabird is comparable to The Fray, One Republic, Gavin Degraw and many other Pop Rock artists. They have a similar sound to all these musicians, but their ability to tell a story is what is going to separate them. This album isn’t going to be their best album, but it’s going to set them up for great albums in the future. Check this album out, because it’s fun to see their progress.

From start to finish, the album is entertaining. Their lyric selection makes them interesting and their melodies make it impossible to not sing along. Seabird is new to me and it will probably be new to a lot of people, but the group has put on quite the performance.

There’s not any tracks that I could point out as bad, so their title track is worth checking out to see if their music is worth chasing down. “Troubled Days,” has a great beat and great vocals. It has an interesting shout section thrown in throughout the song and it has great guitar riffs like the rest of the album.

Seabird has a great singer and a great group of musicians to back him up, so there’s so many elements to this group that makes it a must-listen. This album is great for almost anyone, but it’s an even better album for another musician to get a hold of.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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