Trey Songz | Trigga – R&B’s Comeback Music Review

Trey Songz is a leading force in the music industry, and has many years of experience being a number-one selling artist. The funny part is that he has made millions of dollars of making very simple songs sound great, and he has continued to do just that on his newest release, Trigga.

The very first song is called “Cake,” and he actually makes it sound good. The majority of the song is just the phrase “You can’t have cake and eat it too.” He then condescendingly says, “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?” If you pay close attention, he very quietly lays in “what was I talking about again?” That is the proof that he is at the point where he can make nonsensical music and actually sell it. Don’t get me wrong, he sounds good doing it, but it has no perspective at all throughout the album.

As the music industry has been pushing out all of these new albums, I have to say that this new, simple approach to music is actually catchy. Sometimes it can be fun to listen to music without feeling like I’m trying to solve an algebra equation. On top of that, there’s a lot of vulgar language that can also be very fun to listen to. So, I feel this album is going to be very hit-or-miss with people. The fans know what to expect and it’s going to sit well with them, but it’s the not-so-usual fans that it won’t sit so well with.

If you don’t like “Na Na,” then you will probably hate this album, but those who love the song will love the album. It’s the same steady tempo throughout the album, so he played it very safe. Sometimes making your music less complicated can actually appeal more to a crowd, so I applaud his decision on this one.

There’s something extremely cocky about Trey’s style that makes his music believeable. When he says he’s sleeping with a lot of different girls, I believe it, unlike all the modern day wannabe thug rappers and wannabe players, especially, oh, I don’t know, Drake. Yeah, I’m looking at you Aubrey.

You know what, buy the album. Why not, it’s full of club bangers. It’s very, very simple, but people love simple these days. I can’t lie, so do I. So, go get the album at your own risk.

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