This Wild Life | Clouded – Editor’s Choice Music Review

Can I say the time for emotional acoustic music has long passed? This Wild Life might just be able to make it popular again. With their debut LP, Clouded, they tackle issues that a wide variety of people are familiar with and they make it sound good. Love, broken hearts and the cons of love unfold within the album.

This is the official resurrection of Emo music and it’s better than ever. The entire album is addictive and original. Yes, this type of music has been done, but it’s comparable to the likes of City and Colour, Secondhand Serenade and The Scene Aesthetic. So, before I go any further, I assume you are starting to see what my opinion of this album is. This album is good and memorable to say the least.

The catchy melodies intertwined with the sweet vocals of Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso are among the many reasons to invest in this album, but the stripped down and live-feel of this album will have you tied into the music. It creates an atmosphere around you that will put you in a solemn mood, because there’s moments that you can feel the ache that gave them the inspiration to write the song.

A majority of their music, like the song “Concrete,” is the type of music you can put on your stereo while you sit back and reflect. Maybe that reflection time might make you a bit depressed, but it’ll be impossible to not hum along or at least sing along with the hook. It lays out the foundation for the entire album, and ironically the title of the track contains the word concrete.

The most interesting part about this group is that they’re transitioning from being Punk Rockers. They still have the tattoos, gauges and attitude from those days, but they have successfully crossed over to the other side. Not much changed about the anguish that might have influenced them to do music, but the sound has. The once hard playing and loud band is now broken down to two quiet and compassionate singer/songwriters.

The creative lyrics like, “I thought we hit rock-bottom and then the floor gave out,” have been placed as Facebook statuses all over the country and that’s a true sign that the lyrics on this album can be quite captivating at times. So, that’s all I have to say and I hope that was persuasive enough for everyone to go out and peep the album. It’s more than worth it.

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