The Wayne Brady Show

“I step out on to the stage and shit happens,” Wayne Brady explained. “Nothing is planned and that’s what makes it exciting.”

Wayne Brady, the man of many talents, has been entertaining crowds for years and Pueblo is going to get the opportunity to see him live at Memorial Hall, on April 13. Brady is on his tour, which is a live variety show involving improv acting and singing – similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway?,” Brady will be making up an entire show on the spot, but don’t worry, he’s a trained professional.

Brady earned most of his training in theater while participating in local plays when he was 16 years old and continued doing acting throughout his schooling until college. Once he had the chance, he moved to Los Angeles in hopes of making a living through show business.

“I would have hoped that everything I was doing would make me successful,” Brady said. “I wanted it so bad, I would actually pray for it all the time.”

To make his dreams come true, he worked hard and took every gig he could until he landed a spot on “Whose Line is it Anyway?.” This was the first time that he was getting exposure for the multifaceted entertainer that he is. He made sure that every performance was unique and he still does that every time he gets on stage.

“If I couldn’t make each show different than the last, then I wouldn’t be getting paid to do a show,” Brady said.

To the audience, coming up with new and entertaining material on the spot seems impossible but to Wayne Brady, he has perfected the art of improv by living.

“Well think about it, everything you will ever do is improv,” Brady explained. “So, life has been my preparation for what will unfold on stage.”

He has made sure to take every opportunity given to him, even when it means poking fun at himself. When he got the chance to appear on an episode of The Dave Chappelle Show, he quickly said yes. The skit took a stab at Brady‘s clean record, but it was more about him being able to laugh at himself. The skit hinted at Brady being a pimp, while modeling the whole thing after a scene from the movie, Training Day. Incredibly, the self-deprecating skit led to Wayne Brady being taken more serious than a song-and-dance man.

Outside of being a talk show host for “Let’s Make a Deal,” a singer and many other things, Brady gets to hit the ‘off’ switch for a small portion of the year.

“I’m glad that it all doesn’t happen all at once, so I definitely have free time and I love to spend it with my daughter,” he said. “I’m truly lucky to have this kind of job.”

All of his jobs seem to be quite equally time consuming, but it’s nothing he isn’t used to, because he’s used to being busy. For about 5 to 6 months he films “Let’s Make a Deal,” then the other half of the year he splits up time between TV shows, like “Whose Line is it Anyway” and “How I Met Your Mother,” performing at live shows and recording music.

A lot of his fans have heard his great voice for brief moments, but people will get the chance to enjoy a full-length CD. The guy’s voice on his past music has been comparable to Brian McKnight and Luther Vandross, so the results of his upcoming album could be positive.

The tour comes on the heels of Brady’s next project, a full-length, studio recorded album. The new upcoming album is a hybrid of old school Soul and R&B. “My new album will be comparable to music made by Amy Winehouse,” explained Brady. He’ll manage to create an old school feel by giving it a “live” feel that Brady has implemented by recording with a live band, and the new school feel will be placed in with his youthful vocals, which will be similar of Bruno Mars.

“I’m really excited about that project,” he said.

Everything the fans will see for the first time at the show, so will he. The shows are unscripted and unpredictable. From picking out someone in the crowd to serenade, to a Q&A in the middle of the show—the entire format is built for crowd participation and the improvisational skills of Wayne Brady.

Participation from the crowd is the most unique part about Brady’s show and anyone that attends will get a chance to shout out a topic during the show.

“I like to give the audience a chance to help me build the show,” Brady explained. “This way, I know they’re getting what they want.”

For more ticket information, visit the Pueblo Memorial Hall website.

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