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The ‘Strong’ Era for Pueblo: Mayor Gradisar on his first 100 days

After taking the reins amid a city government in turmoil, Mayor Gradisar shares his approach to the issues facing Pueblo.

Pueblo Mayor Nicholas Gradisar at a Pueblo City Council Meeting in April. In his first 100 days, he feels as a strong mayor, he has been able to make accomplishments a city manager could not. (PULP)
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On the second floor of Pueblo’s City Hall, one of the biggest shifts in the levers of local government took place on Jan. 16, just about 100 days ago.

After a crowded general election and a protracted run-off with former City Council member Steve Nawrocki, Pueblo attorney Nicholas Gradisar was given the reins of a city in turmoil.

In a normal political handoff, the first 100 days of any administration are met with on-the-job learning as well as trying to set the direction for the first term. But Gradisar’s first 100 days have been filled with “sort of creating the system from scratch,” he said.

In a wide-ranging interview in the mayor’s office, Gradisar appeared confident and focused in his new office at city hall. The mayor spoke at length about what he believes the city can do to jumpstart economic activity and to avoid “self-inflicted” mistakes. He also presented a vivid line between what a mayor could accomplish versus what a city manager can do.

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The ‘Strong’ Era for Pueblo: Mayor Gradisar on his first 100 days
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