The Photo Atlas – Stuck in a Honey Trap | Music Review

The Photo Atlas

Stuck in a Honey Trap

Indie Rock


The Indie Rock group The Photo Atlas is compiled of musicians from Denver and just happen to have played at SXSW this year, which isn‘t new for this group. The group‘s latest release is, “Stuck in a Honey Trap.”

It’s a mix of Dance Punk, Indie Rock and an overall Rock structure. It has the right amount of melodic guitar riffs splashed on top of the fast-paced and constant bass drum, while the lead singer, Alan Andrews Jr., shouts his Brandon Flowers-esque vocals over the track. Actually, the whole band has a similar sound to The Killers, but the Colorado natives manage to make it their own.

After playing at three different SXSW festivals, releasing a few albums and doing some touring, the group has managed to gain some buzz. Every song on the album has a very similar sound to the next, so that would be the only downfall. It’s hard to get through a full album when it all sounds the same.

The first tracks are good, but it’s later in the album when they start mixing things up. “Swear I’m Innocent,” is when the listener starts to tap their foot and realizes why some might call this group Dance Punk. Every element of the music is put together to make you dance, while remaining unique with the Punk vocals layered on top.

The album has a distinct sound, so usually along with that comes a very distinct crowd. It might not be a huge group of fans that are bumping this music, but that’s makes it a good local find when someone does finally run across the music. The group wasn’t quite on the radar, even with playing at SXSW so many times, but it’s worth checking out.

The newest release is a product of their hard work, because the group has been creating their own sound over the years and finally have reached that moment. This pivotal moment could mean that the band could break through to the next stage, so be on the look out for The Photo Atlas. As the band continues to release music, I think they will only continue to get more popular.

The group is on Bandcamp, for those who want to give the album a listen, and they can also be found on Youtube, for those who are curious what the group might like. Enjoy.


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