The New Digital PULP

In our effort to put out the best looking paper in the Rockies, we felt our website needs to match our great looking print edition.

Welcome to the new PuebloPulp.com.

In the coming months look for a fully fledged digital PULP that complements and highlights our print edition. Think of this relaunch of the website as PULP for the new digital world. We may not be able to create the exact layout of the print version however what you’ll see on PuebloPulp.com is an expanded digital version of the print version with additional features and photos.

As we race towards the end of the year, look for the website to grow and change slightly. Look for more reporting to go online as we compete with the new reality of online relevancy. In this digital space, we’ll feature more news, opinion, coverage of live shows and reviews, and stories — all better suited for the digital medium.

With a monthly publication sometimes stories get missed because of the delay from reporting a story to printing of that story. All this changes with the new PuebloPulp.com as we can now cover the immediacy of now.

The print version will continue to provide the best coverage of arts and culture, a better kind of news narrative, and information on all there is to do. No other paper has the same dedication to telling the narrative of the Southern Rockies.

Welcome to the new website and welcome to the future of what newspapers will become. We hope 2012 will be a pivotal year, not only for PULP but for the region.

Start here.


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