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The MMLP2 Drops Today!

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has dropped and now it’s just time to wait. A quick look around online and it seems that there was much more buzz around Eminem a week ago. No one seems to really be talking about it on Facebook and MMLP2 isn’t a trending topic on Twitter, but there’s a possibility that it’ll start trending once people get on online tonight.

Eminem has returned with a group of new producers and a new found spirit to revive Hip-Hop, but is he good enough to do it alone? 

This album has had more success building anticipation than past Eminem albums, but it’s left up to the people to decide if it’s a classic or a dud. Has Eminem lost his skills? Is Eminem as good as he used to be? Is he too explicit? Or is Eminem better than ever? 

What do you think? Leave a comment or two and help us explore the possibility of Eminem fading out as the best in the game.




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