The Ice Cream Truck for Grown-Ups: Puff Puffette Pass

The Puff Puffette Pass Ice Cream Truck is the ice cream truck for adults. (Madison Gill for PULP)

There’s a new ice cream truck in town that is bringing a touch of culture to Pueblo along with it. Puff Puffette Pass is the latest in mobile food service businesses here in Pueblo that puts a twist on the traditional waffle cone.

Owned and operated by Pueblo local Cooper Watts and his fiancée Rebecca who launched their product in the spring of this year, Puff Puffette Pass serves a type of dessert popular in Hong Kong called “gai daan jai” also known as “puffettes,” “bubble waffles,” or “eggettes”  – a thin egg-based waffle of sorts that “puffs” out when made to create a bubble-like texture rather than the checkered pockets of a traditional waffle. The truck pairs the waffles with ice cream and a variety of toppings and syrups to create a one-of-a-kind sweet treat for the people of Pueblo.

Watts got the idea for his business from a friend who had his own food truck parked at a cannabis event Watts was attending, and who first exposed him to the popularity of the puffette.

“I started researching and bought an iron and started making them for about a year before I came out serving them. And that was that. Somebody showed me an Instagram picture and I did the research and went from there. Plus I love ice cream,” said Watts.

Not only is Puff Puffette Pass a win for the Pueblo community, but for the environment as well. Sweet Action Ice Cream out of Denver provides the ice cream for Puff Puffette Pass. Sweet Action is dedicated to using simple organic ingredients to make their ice cream, including locally sourced dairy, produce and other products. They also prioritize sustainability in their practice: entirely powering their business by wind, and using compostable and recycled packaging in their shop.

To add to their repertoire as a local business, Puff Puffette Pass teamed up with local artist and muralist Mathew Taylor to create and paint an original artwork design for their truck. As the truck travels to and from its various destinations around town, Taylor’s work is on display for all the city to admire – making the Puff Puffette Pass truck a moving work of art unique to the city of Pueblo, not to mention a testament to the way Pueblo’s street art is a defining characteristic of this city.

Patrons to Puff Puffette Pass can create their own puffette, or just stick to an old-fashioned scoop of any one of their six available flavors of ice cream on a sugar cone. The main attraction at Puff Puffette Pass though is their selection of “signature puffettes” to enjoy, such as “the Sugar Magnolia” featuring: Sweet Action raspberry chip ice cream topped with fruity pebbles, Choco Boy cookies, Black Forest gummy bears, strawberry Pocky sticks, and drizzled with strawberry syrup. The truck’s latest signature creation is called “the Stash House” and features Sweet Action pistachio ice cream topped with crushed almonds, green tea Pocky ticks, toasted marshmallows, and drizzled with caramel syrup.

This is the signature sweet treat I indulged in on my visit to the truck, and I’ve got to say: I was not disappointed. The creations of Puff Puffette Pass are no less pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eye. Their puffettes are the type of picturesque dessert you almost feel guilty dismantling in order to eat… Almost. It’s certainly no surprise that the truck draws a crowd wherever they set up shop – people lined up outside the window before the waffle irons can even heat up. Said Watts, “So far [public response] has been really good. People seem stoked about something new and different in town.”

For the moment, Watts says he is comfortable with the freedom of mobility he has serving his product out of the truck. But a more permanent location in the future is not out of the question. “The truck is really fun,” said Watts, “I want to keep doing festivals and events and stuff like that. But I think eventually it would be cool to have an ice cream shop here in town. Or potentially in every town in Colorado – that would be awesome.”

Puff Puffette Pass doesn’t have any specific designated hours or fixed location. The truck tends to frequent some of the dispensaries here in town such as Colorado Cannabis Exchange, Rocky Mountain Blaze and Doctor’s Orders.

The First Friday Artwork and other similar vendor events in Pueblo are also prime times to catch the truck in action – weather permitting. Follow them on social media to find out where they’ll be next.