The Fray – Helios | Music Review

The Fray




The Rock group and Colorado natives, The Fray, have returned with their fourth album and their single, “Love Don’t Die,” has created enough buzz to carry the entire album. One listen through the album, it might not be completely exciting, but it’s an album that gets better the second time through.

The lead singer, Isaac Slade, didn’t bring much to the game this time around, but he did bring a new style in the song, “Love Don’t Die.” The band did try some new things, like in the song “Give it Away,” which was quite funky in the instrumental aspect, but it wasn’t a hit for me and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me.

A lot of people were expecting something new and the band didn’t deliver on that with this album. It had very similar drum patterns as every other album, it has similar choruses as every other song they have ever done and they even attempted similar breakdowns as past hits, but it wasn’t enough for another hit album.

The little things to look for are the new usage of synth, which could be heard in songs like “Hurricane,” and listen for the vocal filters Slade used in “Break Your Plans.” This song is another good song on the album that distinguishes itself as a classic Fray sound and also hints at a little of U2 and Coldplay.

So, other than a couple tracks that stick out, it’s not an album that I’m telling to go pick up right of way. There are a few songs worth giving a listen to, so it’s easier just to look up those songs.

The last track that is worth mentioning is “Wherever This Goes,” because it’s a lot simpler compared to the other tracks and it sounds a lot better. It’s just a little bit of hi hat with the constant pounding of the bass drum while the lead singer sings his heart for the love of his life. Then once the background vocals creep in, it has an echoing resemblance to the group Fun. and a change is what the entire album needed.

So, don’t buy the album if you can just download a few tracks. That’s my recommendation this time around.


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