The Clipse are set to return!

The rap duo, Clipse, have been MIA in this battle to bring back Hip-Hop, but Pusha T promised that Clipse would return with a collaboration with The Neptunes and he’s following through on that very promise. Since, Til The Casket Falls, which was released in 2009, the two rappers, Pusha T and No Malice, have been releasing solo projects, but that comes to an end for 2014.

Pusha T is now signed to Kany West’s record label, so Kany West is rumored to be co-producing the album along side The Neptunes, so it’s interesting to see what these two masterminds can put together. 

The new album, As God As My Witness, does not have an official release date, but it will be dropping in 2014. It’s safe to say that the album could come in the middle of the year since the group has already been in the studio working on the new album.

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