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The Arcadian Wild | The Colorado EP – Music Review

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Arcadian Wild is paying tribute to Sarah Wood’s home state with their new album, The Colorado EP. The album isn’t really themed after things in Colorado, but it’s more hinting at the fact that it was recorded in Pueblo, Colorado.

The group consists of Everett Davis, Lincoln Mick and Sarah Wood. Wood, who is a native singer/songwriter from Pueblo, Colorado, headed off to college in Nashville and met some musicians along the way. The three of them clicked and they eventually combined their talents to form The Arcadian Wild.

The group has moved quite quickly after meeting at Lipscomb University and the group formed during the Fall of 2013. After playing a bit and then changing their name from Footlight Parade to The Arcadian Wild, the Indie-Folk trio started to climb the ladder to a new EP. For their first recording together, it wasn’t bad.

The Colorado EP is a great start for the young group. There’s five tracks of feel-good music on this one. The group does a great job of creating harmonies, there’s plenty of happy lyrics and positive energy. The pace is pushed a little faster than the Folk world is used to, but it has a very authentic Nashville flavor.

My favorite track on the album would have to be “Funhouse Love.” It’s pretty much exactly what they were shooting for when they started recording the album. It’s fun, energetic and not to mention the sweet Sarah Wood voice laying down the main chorus and verses on the track. The album has a great balance of the vocalists and everyone got the chance to take lead on songs throughout the album.

The other track that shed some light on the project was “We Are One.” It has the right amount of harmony, while allowing the lead vocalist shine. The sweet telling of love on this track is correctly placed at the top of the track listing as the intro and it does a great job of setting the tone for the album. The project doesn’t really tell you who is singing the lead on the tracks, but this one is Lincoln Mick and he does a fantastic job.

There are way more pros than cons when listening through the entire project, but the one thing that stuck out, was the sound quality. It wasn’t as professional sounding as others, but it’s a great start for their first project together. The fact that the group is so young and still carries the new car smell, I’m sure as the group matures, so will their sound.

Arcadian Wild is a melting pot with its group members coming from all over the country. Mick is from Florida, Davis is from Connecticut and Wood is from Colorado, while they temporarily plant their feet firmly in Nashville. The group has many good characteristics that make the group interesting.

This record is another great addition to the Colorado scene and I suggest you pull a hipster move and check it out before everyone else decides to jump on the bandwagon. Enjoy!

For more info on The Arcadian Wild, visit their Facebook page.


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