The 1975 – The 1975 | Editor’s Choice Album Review

The 1975

Interscope Records

The Manchester-based group The 1975 have put together a really good Alternative Rock album. This is their self-titled and debut album, and it’s setting a pretty good benchmark to build their career off of. All the members of The 1975 meet in high school and now are actually on the verge of gaining international stardom. The group has released a few extended plays, but this is their first full-length album and they managed to go the distance.

My only complaint is that it tends to get hard to understand Matthew Healy’s lyrics at times, because of the combination of his accent and singing style, but it is extremely unique. The vocals are very original and the lyrics, when you can understand them, are pretty good as well.

Even though the lyrics in “Chocolate” are a little redundant, it’s pretty clever how they disguise the word addiction with chocolate. Throughout the song, they say “you bite your friends like chocolate and we’re never gonna quit it,” and it’s saying when you’re addicted, you’ll do bad things to your friends and never worry about quitting. Later in the song, they repeat “pause it, play it, pause it and play it,” which is explaining the rollercoaster of drugs and life. Addicts get high, while pressing the pause button on life and The 1975 make it seem so playful. The whole album is pretty fun, even though they managed to take on a big issue.

Other than the talent that is Healy, the group of musicians that he is working with is very good as well. Healy also plays guitar and Adam Hann is the other guitar player, who is playing most of the melodic riffs. George Daniel is the one behind the drums and Ross MacDonald is on the bass. These musicians actually write all of their own music as well, so it’s even that more worth checking out just knowing that.

Not all is great though, the album does have it’s apathetic moments, but it’s very sparse within the album, so it’s entertaining for the most part. Once you hear “Chocolate,” you’ll  get a good feel for how the whole album will play out and that could be another thing that will hold them back just a tad bit. But as this group moves forward from their first full-length album, they’ll be ale to accomplish so much within the musical compounds of their talent.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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