Taylor Swift | 1989 – Farewell to Country Music Review

OK, maybe the new Taylor Swift album, 1989, isn’t as bad as I had first presumed. Maybe it’s not even bad. Surprisingly, her transition to Pop might have saved her career, because her new sound made her music bearable, and I still find it hard to admit.

This was all a business move by her label, especially since this transition would gather a whole new audience. She didn’t even have to worry about her group of Country fans, because they will still loyally buy her album. Swift fans follow her religiously.

The Pop scene has been very acceptable of stars like Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, but her sound is far more simple, and sometimes less is better. The entire album was very simple sounding and she didn’t have to do much to change her lyrics, because she chose to sing about love and heartbreak as usual. All she did was take her old lyrics and put them on top of new instrumentals.

The heavy synth, Pop debut by Swift is actually refreshing, because she didn’t incorporate any Hip-Hop into her music and it was a farewell to the annoying twang that never really worked with her voice. The Indie world will accept her as well, because a lot of the new Indie groups are going for a very retro sound, and her production team put together a retro-esque track list of instrumentals.

There isn’t a favorite track that I could choose from the album, because it was a lot of the same. It’s hard to tell the tracks a part, except for “Shake It Off.” This is at least the one track that had people fooled. When you first hear it on the radio, you might confuse her for another Pop star, like Jessie J, so this is definitely the standout track from the album.

I applaud her effort. This was a good transition, even though, I would say it was expected. She might have been a big Country star, but she wasn’t a Country singer.

Should you buy the album? For Pop fans, yes. Should Country fans buy the album? Yes, but weary that you have completely lost Taylor Swift to Pop.

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