Table 67 wants to fill what’s missing on Pueblo’s Riverwalk

Table 67 on Pueblo's Riverwalk.

In its short time, Table 67 is hopping even at 1 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon. Upon entering, I find the restaurant’s main floor swathed in natural light and the air buzzing with music and lunchtime chatter. I immediately notice the open kitchen of which I am a hug fan. Something about an open kitchen suggests an admirable transparency that says, “We have nothing to hide. What you see is what you get.” Every brow of the kitchen staff is furrowed in focus as they work double-time to fulfill the orders of the crowd of lunch-rush guests that don’t quit coming.

I’m greeted by owner, Jim Beatty, who is right in the middle of the action – talking to guests, running food and overseeing his staff. We move over to the bar to chat, which may be one of the most attractive features of the restaurant besides, obviously, the gorgeous, spacious patio area. The bar hosts an impressive selection of wine and beer – including local favorite Walter’s Pueblo Chile Lager on tap. “The response has been amazing,” Beatty says of the community reaction to the new restaurant, “It’s busier than I expected it to be and I’ve been in this business all my life, so I kind of know what to expect!” The restaurant was sold out for their first reservation-only Mother’s Day brunch.

Beatty owned and operated Classic Catering Company here in Pueblo for nearly 28 years. The business was a primary concessioner for the State Fair Grounds and the Thunderbowl at CSU-P. He also formerly owned The Coyote Grill at the Nature Center along with a few other restaurants in Denver. Now, however, he is all in for his latest endeavor saying, “For the last couple of years I’ve been wanting to sell my chips and open a restaurant, and this happened to be it.”

Table 67 sits on the Riverwalk at 102 S. Union Avenue – in the exact same building as former restaurant, The Place, used to be. Unfortunately The Place closed at the end of February, a fact that Beatty takes into consideration saying: “[The Place] was fairly popular. But they went out of business. And so the community really wants this restaurant to be successful and open to the public… I think it’s important to the downtown community of Pueblo. People really support us that way.”

The Riverwalk location is another premium feature of Table 67. Beatty says, “I think that this location is ground zero for restaurants in Pueblo, Colorado. I don’t think there’s a better location out there. It’s one of the major reasons I chose to come here.” The Riverwalk has been the site of quite a few new eateries over the past couple of years including Brues Alehouse, The Clink, Twenty One Steakhouse, and now Table 67.

When asked what he believes sets Table 67 apart from those other restaurants Beatty replied, “I think it is the most beautiful upscale casual restaurant in Pueblo. I think those are key words, ‘upscale casual,’ that’s how I describe this restaurant all the time.”

Beatty adds that the restaurant doesn’t specialize in any particular type of food, but rather has a very well rounded menu with a fusion of different cuisines that are able to cater to customers’ every whim and palette. “If you and I went out to dinner and you felt like having a burger and I felt like having a rack of lamb, you could do that at this restaurant at the same table at the same time. We’ve had the comment from the public many times.” The price range too is flexible – roughly $15 to $35 a plate. And affordability is definitely key in an economical place like Pueblo.

The quality of service and food at Table 67 is another point of emphasis that Beatty believes sets the restaurant apart. “We don’t seem to have any dogs on our menu, everything seems to be selling really well,” he says of the menu. The house specialties include such dishes as Chicken Scallopini, House Fried Chicken, Mussel Diavolo and Orange Jalapeno Shrimp.

“This is a really nice presentation dish,” Beatty says of the entrée, “It’s an orange marmalade base sauce with jalapenos in it, so you get that sweet and hot flavor. We put that over pasta and then top it with coconut shrimp and serve it with Gorgonzola cheese toast. It’s huge.” The appetizers at Table 67 are also a hit, especially the Lamb Quesadilla with Apple Mint Salsa.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 9pm and on Sundays for brunch only from 10am to 2pm. They are closed Mondays. For more information you can check out their website: table67ontheriverwalk.com or give them a call at 719-299-4966.

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