Ta-ku | Songs To Make Up To – Album Review

With a knack for beat production, Ta-ku is a self-taught producer, who has mastered the art of musical composition. In a market with thousands of other top producers making instrumentals, Ta-ku has taken it to the next level and produces soulful R&B/Hip-Hop instrumentals, just like the ones on his new album, Songs To Make Up To.

In “Sunrise/Beautiful,” he keeps it simple with a light tambourine tap while a digitized pan flute plays a subtle melody behind all of the layers of synthesized compositions and it slowly builds up to the emotional vocals of Jordan Rakei. Once Rakei comes in with the chorus, it’s hard to not be mesmerized by the lyrics. Messages about sunrises, sunsets and love are enough to keep anyone entertained long enough to make it to the next track. This is a must-listen track from the album and it brings up the argument that Ta-ku might be the next big producer to break out into the mainstream world.

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