December 3, 2019

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Pueblo’s Neon Alley (PULP)

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In too many Colorado communities, independent local news is disappearing. The lion’s share of ad dollars that once subsidized quality journalism are now gobbled up by social platforms. The new models for sustaining independent, local journalism depend on readers like you—please join us in a growing movement to support people-powered local news.

Today the Pulp is one of 18 Colorado newsrooms joining forces to amplify the impact of local journalism—not just in our newsroom, but in communities across our state. From our 2019 Pueblo Mayoral Debate to our investigative journalism into dark money, pollution at the old Colorado Smelter site our journalism is needed more than ever. 

All of our colleagues have similar stories of impact, and you can see them all here.

But Pulp has another mission. Our culture, arts and recreation coverage exports the best of Southern Colorado to the region and beyond. Pulp actually drives tourism tax dollars in S. Colorado’s half-billion dollar tourism industry. This is our mission.

This is #newsCOneeds. We need your support to sustain it. And we know we are stronger together, valuing cooperation over competition as we strive to serve our communities.

In fact, thanks to our collaboration through the Colorado Media Project, right now your subscription to PULP or any one of our partnering 18 newsrooms will go even further. From now until December 31, your new monthly subscription will be multiplied 12x and one-time donations will be doubled, up to $1,000.

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