Summer art beat: 4 Colorado exhibits and festivals to hit in July

Peasant With His Hands Behind His Back, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Sordid & Sacred: The Beggars in Rembrandt’s Etchings

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, through September 24

Rembrandt Van Rijn repeatedly chose beggars as the subject for his etchings. Widely recognized as the greatest practitioner of the etching technique in the history of art, Rembrandt created 300 prints that constitute a body of work unparalleled in richness and beauty. These etchings of beggars also played an essential role in Rembrandt’s formative years as an artist. Many of the beggars are biblical figures.

“This kind of crossover between street life and sacred history matches a pattern that is found elsewhere in Rembrandt’s work. Mean and sordid though they may have been in life and in art theory, in Rembrandt’s etchings beggars are bestowed with sanctity and individuality.”says art historian Gary Schwartz.

Rembrandt is considered a master of many trades, rather than just one, like many artists — this makes the etchings considerably more impressive.

Admission to the exhibit will be half-price on Aug. 13, and basic admission will be free.

The Sherman Market

Salida, July 22-23

High mountain art is good art. John Villani’s “The 100 best art towns in America” puts Salida at No. 30. And even with closeby art hubs like Cherry Creek in Denver and Taos, New Mexico, the art culture in the Southern Colorado winter-and-summer recreational boom town is nothing to shake a stick at.

New this summer is the outdoor artisan market for local movers and shakers, The Sherman Market. Organizer Cate Kenny told 5280 Magazine it wasn’t hard to put together the event in the already bustling art scene. A lot of the items have a bohemian/hipster feel — relative to the existing atmostphere in Salida. Think of it as Southern Colorado’s own Larimer Square. Artisans from around the state are setting up in Salida for the three more dates scheduled this summer. If you go, The Sherman Market will be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 15–16, July 22–23, and August 5–6.

Find details at facebook.com/the-sherman-market.

While you’re in town: On July 22 and 23 the Salida Arts Festival is back on for the fourth year, specializing in boutique 2D and 3D art. For more information, visit salidaartsfestival.com  


Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, July 16 – Jan 17

In Norse mythology, the end of the world is a series of natural disasters, caused by the gods. Pikes Peak region artists Wendy Mike and De Lane Bredvik are taking the apocalyptic events and applying them closer to home.

The site-specific installation takes the story of Ragnarök and incorporates the devastating fires Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado have experienced in recent years.

The exhibition, the artists say, is based on the cautionary tale that asks people to consider their responsibilities to the earth and envision a world in which our roots may literally be found in the forest.

For more information on the artists and exhibits, visit csfineartscenter.org

Declining Aspens, De Lane Bredvik, CS Fine Arts Center

Colorado Black Arts Festival

Denver City Park, July 7-9

The Denver Black Arts Festival got its start in 1986 when a small group of Black artists came together to create more opportunity for artists in their community. Within five years, the festival was attracting well over 60,000 attendees. Now the event has patrons from across the world.

The free, three-day event in Denver’s City Park will journey visitors through African American culture through movement, sound and visual art, a flow of bold and rich artistry of African diaspora. Along with art, the festival will feature performances from jazz, gospel reggae and traditional African musicians. A food court will feature dishes from the culture, as well.

For more details, visit colbaf.org.

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