Stand by for Titanfall

3, 2, 1 mark! As one of the years most anticipated games, Respawn Entertainment delivers all of your 10-year-old science fiction shooter fantasies right into the palm of your hands. Titanfall is strictly an online multiplayer game—it is one of the first games to take advantage of the Xbox Live Cloud. 

The Cloud handles most of the AI so it lets the players be immersed in a rich and futuristic world. The rich atmosphere, in which the game is set, is a mix of Avatar, Gravity, and Star Wars—on a massive amount of steroids.  

The attention to detail is spectacular, epic and leaves players yearning for more—which they will. The campaign is not very long and can be beaten in about three hours, but since it’s strictly a multiplayer game each sequence is unique. Some people may have a hard time swallowing the short campaign pill, but the amount of challenges keep players coming back for more. If you get a group of your friends together, buy your girlfriend (or boyfriend) some flowers and give them a picture of yourself, just in case they forget your face.

Respawn Entertainment is particularly proud of their dedicated servers, which when they get them working correctly, will be amazing. There have been times where the servers have been down for a few hours, but during this time they have been releasing patches to improve the game. 

Respawn had Alpha and Beta testing which helped fix bugs before the game came out—but there are still minor glitches that need to be fixed. This kind of thing is typical—especially since the game is pushing a lot of various boundaries with the next generation system. Although there are server issues, some of the perks on Xbox live make it worth the wait. 

“Xbox record that” is a simple phrase you need to say in order to have your badassery recorded and ready to share with the world. Twitch was recently released as a downloadable app so your entire gameplay can be broadcasted to the world.  

The training mode is reminiscent of the love child between Portal and Halo helping new users get used to the new control scheme. Seasoned, first person shooter vets will have no problem learning the controls.

Once you crawl inside your Titan for the first time, it’s a lot like being born—backwards. The controls work like a charm and woo you every step of the way. Don’t be embarrassed if you die a few times because you were too busy looking at the dragons flying by your face. 

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the ground when you realize the sheer beauty and scale of these gorgeous maps—even God would give it a nod. With galactic star battles, you are dropped from a ship straight onto the battlefield and into the action. The amount of adrenaline shooting through your veins will make it seem as though you really left your living room. 

Players may get a joker grin the first time they maneuver their Titan to kick a pilot in the chest and send them to an early grave. Titan punching your enemies is equally as satisfying. Go pick up a copy and stand by for Titanfall. 

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