Springs LoUd Life Crew raises the volume on CO’s Hip-Hop

By Josh Cowden

The Colorado hop-hop scene is blossoming with more talent than ever and the spotlight of national attention is beginning to take notice. At the forefront of the local Colorado Springs scene is a growing movement under the name of LoUd Life Crew, an established and independently run label by fellow artist Justin Dejesus, better known as SwizZy B.

Breaking down the name a little further Dejesus said, “LoUd Life Crew is a music collective & record label I established in 2012. The word LoUd actually breaks down to an acronym spelling out ‘Living Out Ur Dream.’ L.o.U.d and the misspelling of the ‘your’ in that phrase to UR is why we capitalize the U when we spell out LoUd Life Crew.”

As for the origins of Dejesus’s music career, he began rapping as a hobby around 8 years ago and has been taking it as serious life career for the last three. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Dejesus began crafting his sound in the competitive Florida atmosphere and recently brought his skills to the local scene of Colorado Springs.  Not only did he begin absorbing information on how to become an artist, he also looked into the business side of music. “I’ve spent thousands of hours within those developing years in creating my LoUd Life brand and group, learning a lot about the business side of the music industry which opened my eyes to the first legitimate steps to make this as a career,” said Dejesus.

The core foundation of the label currently consists of seven artists and one DJ. The artists include SwizZy B, Marvylus, Noopey Na’mon, GrandMastaSkunk, King Vergo, dhino., and Mann LaGrand Flight. DJ NOMAD takes care of the DJ’ing duties and Desiree Fourquet takes care of both manger duties as well as photography. The goal of the group is to create a new wave of conscience music and diverse artists that not only the youth but older generations can relate to as well. Combining the powerful lyricism and storytelling of 90’s style hip-hop with the raw energy and entertainment value of the newer generation.

Bringing up some of the inspiration and memorable moments from his career so far, Dejesus has quite a bit of memories to draw from. Getting advice from the legend himself, Raekwon from Wu-Tang clan might be the biggest highlight of all however. After opening up for him at the Summit Music Hall in Denver on January 27, 2018, Dejesus and the crew had the opportunity to chop it up with the legend himself and listen in on some great gems of knowledge about the industry. Another highlight from recent experiences was performing for a few out of state show dates with Snow The Product on her Vibe Higher Tour. Dejesus also cites people like Snow Tha Product and Tech N9ne as inspiration behind the reasons of why he wanted to create his own independent label.

Speaking on the groups upcoming plans Dejesus said, “We’ve been working in overdrive lately. We will be releasing our very first group Album titled ‘LoUdNaTion.’ We’re working with a few booking agents and companies in Denver that are going to help us book more headlining events around Colorado and surrounding states, so a lot more headlining concerts in and outside of the city. Also, each individual artist on the roster will be releasing projects, like my ‘OverWorked and Underpaid 2’ album, ‘Noopey Namon Girl Tape 2,’ ‘Marvylus A Marvylus Tape,’ ‘Vergo Warlord’ and the list goes on. We will also be releasing a plethora of visuals for these projects all leading into the summer.”

Looking forward to the months ahead, the LoUd Life Crew has a headlining show on March 2, 2018 in Colorado Spring at the Black Sheep. It looks to be a huge show for the label as a whole and a great opportunity to showcase Colorado’s local hip-hop scene. A must see for anyone interested in learning just what Colorado hip-hop has to offer.

Head to loudlifecrew.com for tour dates, merch and much more on this burgeoning hip hop clique.

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