Bureau of Labor Statistics

Southern Colorado unemployment highest in Colorado

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics

The good news is Colorado’s unemployment fell for the 33rd consecutive month to 5.3%

The bad news is most of the high unemployment is clustered in Southern Colorado and continues to show Southern Colorado and San Luis Valley lagging behind the rest of the state in newest job numbers released today.

The old CF&I / corridor and and the San Luis Valley have the highest unemployed numbers in Southern Colorado.

Conejos County in the San Luis Valley, has the highest unemployment rate in the state at 10.7%. Baca County, in the SE cornor of the state, has the lowest at 2.5%.

But the numbers continue to show job growth in the state. Colorado dropped from its historic high of 9.1% in October 2010.  In Southern Colorado, the unemployment rates have dropped as well. As of January 2013 Pueblo County was at a decade high of 11.3% now its 3.5 points. By contrast Costilla County dropped 5 points from hits historic high in January of 2011 of 15.1% unemployment.

The unemployment rates per county.

CF&I Corridor:
Pueblo County 7.8%
Huerfano 8.7%
Las Animas 7.2%

Lower Arkansas Valley:
Baca 2.5%
Bent 5.1%
Crowley 6.8%
Otero 7.6%
Prowers 4.6%

Upper Arc:
Chaffee 4.1%
Custer 5.1%
Fremont 6.9%
Lake 5.5%

San Luis Valley:
Alamosa 6.9%
Conejos 8.7%
Costilla 10.1%
Rio Grande 7.4%
Saguache 8.8%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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