Southern Colorado hospital target of ‘cyber-incident’ causing IT outages

Pueblo, CO – Parkview Medical Center was apparently the target of a “cyber-incident” resulting in multiple outages at the medical center, which serves the southeastern Colorado region.

The confirmation came after PULP reached out for comment earlier in the week after a tip that certain systems were made inoperable by ransomware. Other media outlets are reporting that a third-party vender hacked the hospital, but Parkview has not confirmed what systems were impacted or how staff have been handling the incident.

In a statement by Leslie Barnes, CEO of Parkview Medical Center, said, “Patients will not see any impact to the level or quality of care being delivered.”

“We are well-prepared and our staff is trained to continue operations while we work to get our regular IT systems back online.”

An investigation is ongoing.

This story is developing.

Full statement by Parkview Medical Center.

Pueblo, CO April 24, 2020

On Tuesday, April 21, Parkview Medical Center was the  target of a cyber-incident which has resulted in an outage in a number of our IT systems. Upon learning of the incident, Parkview immediately engaged leading third-party forensic experts to investigate and mitigation is well underway. 
Patient care is always our first priority. Patients will not see any impact to the level or quality of care being delivered.
As a regular course of business, Parkview Medical Center frequently trains and prepares for scenarios that result in IT system outages. We are well-prepared and our staff is trained to continue operations while we work to get our regular IT systems back online.  
 Our investigation is ongoing at this time and we will provide updates as more information is verified by the forensics team.  While our medical staff continue to work around the clock in response to the ongoing global pandemic, we are doing everything in our power to bring our systems back online as quickly and securely as possible.  
We’d like to thank the community and our first responders for their continued support through this unprecedented time. 

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