SoMo – SoMo | Editor’s Choice Music Review




SoMo, Joseph Somers-Morales, is an American R&B singer coming out of Austin, Texas, and he’s bringing his A game on his self-titled debut album, SoMo. With a mix of modern day R&B and clean production, this album will make him a competitor in the group of all the new singers that have come out in the last year. It also helps that he looks like McLovin, from the movie Superbad, except after a year-long workout binge.

His style of music and instrumentals could be compared to Justin Bieber and Drake, but a lot of the recent R&B seems to have had some influence from them these last few years. SoMo is a great vocalist, and you might not like Justin Bieber, but SoMo sounds like a grown up JB. I think it works well and people will be impressed with the smooth SoMo sound. Remember, that doesn’t include everybody.

A great example of this comparison would be on the track “Crash,” with similar runs that Bieber would do, but it sounds better coming out of a mature and darker voice. This makes SoMo unique, because his voice is distinct enough that it couldn’t be mistaken for someone else’s. It escapes the boyish R&B singer style, while still sounding youthful.

Just like most present-day R&B singer/songwriters, the lyrics didn’t bring anything new to the table, but he makes up in an area that others might have trouble with and that’s creating hooks. The entire album is full of great and catchy hooks. People love melody and this is where SoMo started to impress me.

The single, for his album, “Ride,” has the best hook on the whole album and that was a great first step for SoMo, because this is an area that a lot of up-and-comers have trouble with and fall off before they even get a chance.

“Ride,” is a slow-tempoed and soulful track that lays out the mood for the whole album perfectly. The album is romantic, sensual and intimate. It’s the type of album that a lot of girls will fall in love with, but I’m not too sure about the male audience. There’s stuff here for everyone to like, but guys won’t realize it until they listen to it. It’s definitely worth the listen.

Similar to a lot of the newer musicians, SoMo has used social media sites to further his name in the music world and also to make some money for him, and his label. He started off doing small covers on Youtube, then he quickly got signed and now he’s delivering a full-length album.

Congrats to SoMo for that! The bigger congratulations come from the fans. A lot of Twitter and Facebook fans are doing a great job for his word-of-mouth promotion. They have been sharing links to his Youtube page, pictures and simply just mentioning how much they like the album.

So, pick up the album or stream it. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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