Snarky Puppy & the Metropole Orkest | Sylva – Editor’s Choice

This might not be a completely unheard of venture for the Jazz world, but it was done very well. Unlike older Jazz, Snarky Puppy has captured the spirit of new age Jazz and they have meshed it with the orchestral feel of soundtrack music on their new album, Sylva. At first, it can be a little uneasy, but as it builds, the album can be contagious.

For most people who don’t listen to Jazz, this music can just sound like background music, but it’s a modernized way to make soundtrack music. Only time will tell if this type of music will be eventually be placed into movies instead of the traditional way. It’s amazing to see what a small group of musicians can create. They teamed up with the Metropole Orkest, a Pop orchestra from the Netherlands, and they put in work.

It’s definitely a must listen for all jazz lover, soundtrack lovers or people who enjoy orchestral music. Simply look up “Gretel,” for a quick sample of what to expect on the album. There’s a guarantee there won’t be any disappointment.

What makes this whole project amazing, is the fact that a group of young musicians were the one who put this all together. Their knowledge of music is incredible and quite inspiring. This album really is a combination of two completely different worlds, as far as the writing goes. But, when it comes to instrumentation, to run out of possibilities would be an insurmountable feat.

The grimy bass lines, harmonized horns, hair-raising string section and an amazing sense of time will be plenty to please the ear of anyone that faintly understands music. There’s much more to the picture, but ultimately, it’s an experience worth devoting some time to.

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