Sia | 1000 Forms of Fear – Oldie Review

Sia knows how to write ‘em with hits like Rhianna’s “Diamonds” or Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You,” but she’s proving she’s not just a one trick pony. The new album is so different compared to her last albums, and it’s quite refreshing. She has been on some ride since 2007 when she first started releasing songs, but it wasn’t until about 2012 that the 38-year-old singer started to become relevant. Her first major U.S. hit she was featured on, was “Wild Ones,” with Flo Rida. She has always been a musician’s musician.

For a singer who was originally just a jazz singer, she has come a long way, and she hasn’t lost any of her musical integrity. She is a great vocalist, and it’s surprising how young she sounds. The readers who haven’t heard of Sia will be completely astonished at what they have been missing out on.

She’s indie, she’s pop, she’s rock and she’s everything in between. That’s the exact description of her songs on her new album. 1000 Forms of Fear is quite unusual for Sia, but it’s done so well. She brings energy and power behind her performance.

Best song on the album? “Hostage” is grimy and addictive. It’s similar to the style of Amy Winehouse and energetic. The song is the fifth song on the album and definitely helps pick up where the introduction left off. Just as steam was starting to die down, Sia starts belting out a 60s sounding ballad and pulls you into her album even further.

Now, the album has been keeping up a pretty good pace, but after the song “Straight for the Knife,” the album begins to dwindle. The energy starts to die, but it never really gets unbearable. It was a solid, solid album for someone who has been doubted so much by her younger competition. She definitely built up enough momentum to take over the Billboard charts and she has been number one for her first week.

I wouldn’t buy the album, but it wouldn’t be a complete loss if you did.

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