September Horoscopes

Aries 3/21–4/19 
Venus is becoming very influential in your chart this month. Love will be the central theme, so take the bull by the horns. All you need is love.

Taurus 4/20–5/20

The first half of the month will be a mirrored reflection of the latter half. So whatever you experience in the beginning you will meet the total opposite of it later.

Gemini 5/21–6/21

Venus and Mars are having an incredible pull on your chart this month lots of excitable energy and the need to feel independent.  Row, row, row your boat, Gemini.

Cancer 6/22–7/22

An incredible amount of energy floods your chart early on in the month. Avoid taking foolish risks as you are not thinking as clearly as you could be.

Leo 7/23–8/22

A lot of hurdles may be thrown at you but luckily Saturn is here to save the month. Stay true to yourself and you cannot fail.

Virgo 8/23–9/22

Your blunt disposition this month will prove to be favorable in a plethora of different ways.  Jupiter is influencing your chart by zooming out and allowing you to see what life is really all about.

Libra 9/23–10/22

This is a good time in your life so you need to put yourself out there to really reap these benefits. You may receive sudden windfalls and your ego is likely to become smugly satisfied.

Scorpio 10/23–11/21

If your chart were a mountain range it would be the Mosquito; a lot of peaks and valleys with Mercury acting like a river of beautiful dreams weaving it all together. Creativity is necessary to survive.

Sagittarius 11/22–12/21

Try to look at the world through rose-colored spectacles and all will be okay. This is a great month to do some restructuring in all major aspects of your life.

Capricorn 12/22–1/19

September shoots you out of a canon of awesomeness but keep a clear head, lest ye forget gravity, Capricorn. On your way take some of the creative and intellectual perks that you pass through.

Aquarius 1/20–2/18

Mars is becoming a major influence in your life this month.  A lot of misadventures are likely this will be exciting, engaging, provocative, and full of taboos.

Pisces 2/19–3/20

Seize every opportunity, Pisces! Your foundations as well as your beliefs are likely to be rattled, shaken and stirred. Yet, situations like these often prove to be very valuable and this time it will be no different.

By Rebecca Vigil

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