The Scene | Local Hip-Hop

Why isn’t there much of a Hip-Hop scene in Pueblo?

For one, there are too many people trying to be Drake, but grew up on SPM. The direction and true love of Hip-Hop is not relevant in small town Pueblo. Once in a great while, you’ll hear of an up-and-comer that has potential, but they either get caught up with working their day job or they get tired of not having a real Hip-Hop-friendly venue.

You know what Pueblo needs? A Hip-Hop workshop and an investment in a venue that will be available for all genres. A real music hall dedicated to weekly performances by local talent.

It will give local rappers a reason to up their game. Without any competition, why would local rappers push themselves to be better? They don’t and that’s problem number one.

Like I mentioned, the influence in Southern Colorado is also another problem. Nothing against the local rappers, but they tend to imitate unsuccessful rappers. Remember, I’m not talking about every single local rapper, but this applies to a majority. They want to be Chicano rappers that do Chicano Rap, but it’s an unappealing and unpopular style.

There are some other Underground rappers that still have potential, because they have been true to good Hip-Hop, but they get too caught up in a very niche style. That style is the Battle Rap style. These types of rappers have a good grasp on their multi-syllable rhyme scheme, which is a very appealing poetic style. The downside, they can’t stay on beat. The modern battle style has moved to an acapella format, but it doesn’t make a great transition to using instrumentals.

Those are just a few tips to clean up the mess in Pueblo and hopefully some of the talent in Pueblo can finally emerge. This could be apart of the revolution that this scene needs, because Hip-Hop has been pretty dead on a national level. All it takes is a few good rappers to influence a nation.

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