Sam Smith | In The Lonely Hour – Highly Anticipated Music Review

It’s not very often that singers are as talented as Sam Smith and that’s what made his album, In The Lonely Hour, so highly anticipated. Extremely strong vocal talent mixed together with a great squad to work with in the studio, and now we have something to talk about.

The initial impression of the album wasn’t what I expected, because the intro song “Money on my Mind,” was a bad start with the Drum and Bass instrumental and the tempo might have been to quick for the listener to catch on to. But, it’s smart that the lyricist that is Smith was revealed on the album. The statement made in the intro was an explanation why he wouldn’t let the money change his money. “No, I don’t have money on my mind.”

Smith is unique, he has style and he has a mature voice that you can’t really compare to anyone else. It’s one thing to be original with your music, but having a unique voice like Smith is something that you can’t buy or earn through vocal training.

Every song on the album could easily be someone’s favorite track, but the single “Stay With Me,” has been the forced favorite. Besides it being on the radio all of the time, it gives a strong message about his understanding of the importance of intimacy in a relationship and that’s something that adds a certain level of respect to the song.

The single is not my favorite, but it’s a very strong single. It sucks that such a good song is getting old so fast, but it’s probably because “Stay With Me,” has been completely over-played by the radio stations.

The track that sticks out the most would be, “Like I Can.” It’s the only track that manages to sound different compared to the rest of the album. Some people would say that’s a stretch, but I knew this album couldn’t go without flaws. Don’t get me wrong, Smith’s voice is great, but it is all too similar throughout the album.

There was a lack of variation, so that would definitely be my beef with the album,  but that would be my only beef.

Despite the tad bit of “belting out,” the track “Good Thing,” is the best track on the album. It had a great chorus and there was a great chord structure that handsomely accompanied Smith’s voice. It was the most pleasing track and instantly became another reason that this album is a must-listen.

Buy In The Lonely Hour. It’ll eventually be referred to as a “Classic.” That’s my advice on this one.

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