SAGE Art Academy

To help that vision find its voice in our next generations, Ms. Faiella-Furrh opened SAGE (See Art Grown in Everyone!) with a large open classroom in the Amherst Building where she hosts weekly classes, birthday parties and other special events designed to nurture not just the creative spirit. She explains, “Art is vital in the development of a child’s mind. It supports balance, awareness, and trust of oneself by developing their eyes and hearts together in which to view the world.” Nicole Cummings, a parent of “Seedling” student Sebastian, echoes the benefits she sees her son reaping from the experience: “It’s given him some confidence, too. He creates something here and it’s just his.”

Students at SAGE are in good hands. Ms. Faiella-Furrh comes to Southern Colorado after decades of teaching and helping to build vibrant art scenes from Seattle to Brooklyn. She’s classically-trained, with art degrees from Skidmore College and the Rhode Island School of Design, and has extensive experience with the Art Students League of New York.

The academy’s weekly lessons, which are grouped by age from children as young as three and a half to full-grown adults, explore the fundamental elements of art with the knowledge of medium techniques. Costs for the sessions are reasonable, especially considering the effort to bring high quality materials to the drafting table.

“Next month I’ll teach texture, I love that one, building up the mediums, and using tools other than brushes to work into the surface and take away, it’s classic teaching but pushing the limits to explore creative options,” Ms. Faiella-Furrh notes.

One of the more creative options SAGE offers our community is Date Night, a once-a-month, two-hour event where parents can leave their children well-supervised with art projects and pizza for a couple of hours while they enjoy a night out.

Promoting art in Pueblo is an easy task for Ms. Faiella-Furrh. She says, “I look around everyday and gaze at the magnificent architecture layered with paint and texture alongside newer public art installed on each street corner set against a backdrop of industrial smoke stacks and water towers; it’s Edward Hopper and de Chirico mixed with old west Remington! And then you have those breathtaking sunsets, it makes me want to get out my easel and paint right now!”

It’s time to get your paints out, Pueblo, and show the rest of the world who we are.

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