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Ryn Weaver | The Fool – Editor’s Choice Album Review

Ryn Weaver is quickly becoming a vocal phenomenon. As soon as she released “Octahate,” critics were eagerly waiting for more of her projects to come out and now everyone is raving about what she was able to put together on her debut album, The Fool.

Weaver has this unique and Folky voice that fits well with her version of American Pop that she has been forming. Most of the album has this Indie Pop Rock sound, with layers of synth on top of light tones ringing in the background, making it sound a lot more dreamy than the Pop world is used to. Her low-pitched growls to her high-pitched harmonies are the focal point of her performance.

“Octahate” is the perfect example of how the producer can make or break a track. The sampling, vocal play and instrumental made the whole track. Regardless of Weaver’s talented vocals, without the producers, the track could have very easily been a dud. The filter that they laid over her voice on the chorus makes up the perfect atmosphere and it disguises her sometimes overly-shaky voice. It’s just great work by the producers in the studio.

The title track “The Fool,” also caught my attention, because of the more simplistic approach that allowed her to break out vocally. She belts out throughout the track and it shows the depth of her voice, which can get really dark in tone and it’s soothing.


New to the game and not really bound to a genre, Weaver will be a breakout artist continuing into the rest of 2015.

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