Run The Jewels | Run The Jewels 2 – Rebirth of Hip-Hop Music Review

Run the Jewels are back with Run the Jewels 2 and they are not holding back. El-P absolutely kills the beats on this album and Killer Mike spits with a ferocity that will wake up anybody in the game. It’s good.

With a thrashy and hype style of Hip-Hop, RTJ is bringing a new flavor of Hip-Hop to the scene. El-P’s style of sampling and electronic sounding instrumentals, mixed with Killer Mike’s fast slow is a refreshing rebirth of Hip-Hop. El-P has dabbled in a bunch of styles of alternative Hip-Hop, but this is the one that will have everyone jumping on board.

Similar in style to the instrumentals I’ve heard on Kanye West albums, this has the potential to gain some real radio play. El-P is big figure in Hip-Hop that has fallen under the radar, but there’s no reason this couldn’t catapult the group into the mainstream airwaves.

Killer Mike came through with some verses that are much better and much more entertaining than verses you might hear from Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole. But, because there is a lack of “image,” the album won’t go viral. This is seriously the Hip-Hop album that everyone has waited for and people haven’t caught on.

One of the biggest components that makes this album really work is the chemistry between El-P and Killer Mike. RTJ is a duo that is made up of two friends. They have worked together for years, whether it be on a whole album or just a guest feature, so these two have history together.

Everything in this album is structured to compliment Killer Mike, which is big deal, because El-P has a flow that is very different from Mike. Though it might be the Killer Mike show, don’t count out El-P. He has verses on the album that will surprise you.

To add some variety, they through quite a few interesting features on the album, but there’s one that really sticks out. Zack de la Rocha absolutely kills his verse on “Close Your Eyes.”

I suggest you get your hands on a copy immediately, because it’s not every day that two 40 year olds make a CD, slaughtering through everything you’re used to. Just when you thought that the more youthful rappers were running the game, these two came through and stepped on some toes.

This project has grown into a monster and it will be interesting to see where they go from here. This album will go down as one of the best albums of 2014, raising the standard of Hip-Hop for 2015.

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