Me/WE Roo & The Howl

Roo & the Howl | ME/WE – Best of Colorado Album Review


Me/WE Roo & The Howl
Me/WE Roo & The Howl

The newest album to hit the Southern Colorado music scene is ME/WE, by Roo & the Howl from Colorado Springs. With the addition of a few studio musicians, from out of town, the self-released debut album is finally available. It’s a mix of Americana, Rock, Blues, Country and Folk all rolled up in one.

Right from track one, it’s a bluesy and psychedelic outing, with her sweet, but haunting vocals echoing over the reverb of screaming guitar plucks. Reminiscent of the ‘70s and everything nice sounding, the album immediately catches your attention. The album is ten tracks long and runs for about 40 minutes, which doesn’t seem long enough because it leaves you wanting more. From beginning to end, it’s captivating.

The variety that Bekah Wagner offers with her vocals is quite the show all on it’s own. Similar to Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, the strength and durability of her voice is prevalent on every track. The raw and unedited process that Roo & the Howl went through for the recording is the reason the album sounds so intimate, because it includes the imperfections that makes music perfect. It’s an album full of moments that avid music lovers wish for.

A year ago, Wagner was writing and putting together songs for her album, but the fascinating part is that she was also involved in the business half of completing her album, so this album really is the result of her hard work, sweat and tears. After years of contemplating what it would take to record an album, she scraped together cash from her side jobs and put her creative juices to work like the badass she is.

Everything you hear and feel on this album is a piece of what Wagner has been yearning to share with her fans, besides the track “Good Times, Bad Times,” which is a Rolling Stones song; even though, her cover of it sounds authentic enough to be mistaken for an original track. Also, here’s a quick shout out to Scotty Murray on this track, for putting on a show stopping performance. From the concept of the album, to the ideas for tracks and all the way to the lyrics, this album was handcrafted by Bekah Wagner.

Without a doubt, ME/WE is one of the rare albums, enjoyable from start to finish. I have to admit, it’s too hard to pick a favorite track on the album, because every track offered something different and unique. There was a lot of flavors to this album and it’s fantastic thing that the Colorado scene gets to be a part of it.

“Catch It Faint,” was great, “Love Lost,” was great. You get the idea. Every song is a layer on the cake of good reasons to pick up this album. Whether it be digital download or a physical copy, get your hands or ears on to a copy of it. Any more information you might be looking for can be found on www.rooandthehowl.com.

“I want to create music over my entire life. I want to evolve, and let art happen to me. I want to perfect my craft and I want to share it.”

-Bekah Wagner

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