Rob Drabkin – Little Steps | Music Review

Rob Drabkin

Little Steps



Rob Drabkin is another Colorado native who has been creating some buzz around the Midwest. The singer/songwriter is a talented singer as well lyricist, which makes his album a must-listen.

The music that he has managed to put together is all very good, but his style is not going to be loved by everyone. It is soft and written well, so it is very easy to like, but it is very happy. His rough and emotional vocals are the only reason anyone will need to check out the album, but it also possesses great skill in every area. The recording team he used did a great job of adding in elements around his singing.

This is Drabkin’s second studio album and has managed to grow a lot as an artist since his last album. Throughout 2013, he made an effort to record his music in different places and so the album offers great variety. The album title, Little Steps, must be describing the little steps it has taken to grow as a musician and how long it took him to record this album.

Songs like “Little Steps,” may seem to be overly happy, but then you’ll get a more dramatic feel from songs like “For You I would Die,” so believe me when I tell you that you’re going to get a great deal of variety.

My personal favorite on this album has to be “Stay.” This is what mountain soul is supposed to sound like. The song is simply Drabkin describing how losing your love is like losing light. He then goes through the moments of crawling around and trying to pick up the pieces, which is a beautiful description that paints a picture like no other.

So, make sure to pick up a copy or download Drabkin’s Little Steps. It’s unique and adds depth to the list of good Colorado musicians.


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