Recycled Valentines

Storybook Roses

Use sheet music, maps or pages from your favorite romance novel to create these simple, yet elegant, flowers. Cut out five petals of five different sizes. Layer petals starting from the smallest and work your way out. 100layercake.com/blog

Vintage Key Necklaces

Give the key to your heart with style. Paint an old key with nail polish; decorate with glitter, charms or buttons and dangle from a chain or ribbon. sugarandcloth.com

I Love You Because… Frame

Here is a fun and lovely way of admiring the little things your dearest does for you. Stop by a local thrift store to buy a used frame. Paint it and add a few embellishments to jazz it up. Print “I Love You Because” on a piece of scrapbook paper and insert in the frame. And viola! You have a dry erase board to write those little terms of endearment. justmakestuff.com

52 Things I Love About You

Have an old card deck lying around? Punch holes in each card. Glue a cute saying cut from a newspaper or magazine to each, and gather your deck of sappy feelings with binder rings or ribbon. The hardest part of this craft is coming up with 52 reasons you adore your darling. papervinenz.blogspot.com

I Love You…and Coffee

Nothing says “I love you” like not using a million of those cardboard sleeves for your to-go coffee. Of course, using a travel mug is better for the planet, yet an unexpected stop for coffee can leave you cup-less. An easily-carried and adorable coffee sleeve can at least save you from using a disposable sleeve. Simply, buy a wonderfully hideous sweater at the thrift store and cut off the cuffs. Embellish with buttons, ribbon or charms and you’ve got yourself quite a delightful java accessory. thatswhatchesaid.net

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