Quarterly Music Grade Check

OK, so maybe I manage to find a great group, or solo musician each month to share with our readers, but the overall crop to pick from has been pretty damn disappointing. On a national level, the music in the states has gotten significantly weaker, while music from Europe is starting to dominate the music market. With singers like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Hozier, the American singer pool looks pretty weak. I do have to give it to Ireland though, the output has been phenomenal.

Rap and Hip-Hop albums this year have been pretty boring.

Locksmith, who happens to be a great lyricist, put out a CD, A Thousand Cuts, that simply startled me. For a second there, I thought I had downloaded the wrong album. I kept telling myself that this was a different rapper, but the album was wack. He had terrible hooks and his flow was okay, but in comparison to his freestyle videos that I have watched, he wasn’t himself. This story could be applied to most of the highly anticipated Hip-Hop albums of this year.

Pop albums have also been on the decline. There hasn’t been as many Pop albums lately and with good reason. Ariana Grande released her album, My Everything, and you could definitely see that her label was trying really hard to make her a Pop star. The good thing is the weren’t able to, so they didn’t completely ruin her album.

Country, this might be the one area that you either hate it or you love it, and their fan base is very loyal. The album sales don’t vary and the music stays about the same caliber. Since the addition of artists like Taylor Swift, the Country music world has taken claim to artists who may see a lot more Pop than Country. The Pop Country scene has recently added artists like Florida Georgia Line and this isn’t new, especially since Rascal Flatts have been a leading force in the industry.

Rock? Rock is Rock. It has been extremely consistent. There’s also other genres like Metal, Folk, Blues, Jazz and R&B, but there isn’t much to discuss there. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly, so when the scene stops being so ugly, I’ll tell you about the good.

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