PULP Concert #10: Eros and the Eschaton | Preview

The other treat for the PULP Concert #10, will be Eros and the Eschaton. This group, which consists of Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins, met in 2010, sparked from love and will spark fire in the room tonight. 

Coming down from Colorado Springs, the group will be performing music from their latest and debut album, Home Address for Civil War, which dropped in August of 2013. With great reviews, the dreamy Indie Rock will be a great pair with Francis Moss, making the evening of music one for the books.

When asked how many times the group had played in Pueblo? Katey responded quickly.

“Never as this incarnation, but it’s true,” Kate explained. “Played there several times, and I used to play in Pueblo a lot as Katey Sleeveless. I was living in the Windchimes’ backyard tool shed when Hawk and I met.”

Once they met, that was the beginning of this group. They eventually had a child together and completely indulged themselves in their music. That was when they started writing music together and came up with their name for the group, Eros and the Eschaton. With the spirit of love and family, the group’s music was noticed by Bar/None Records and now they were quickly brought on.

“We both wanted to do a loud, sloppy recording project, where we played all the instruments,” Katey explained.

The unique music was sure to catch someone’s attention and it will surely grab the attention of the PULP crowd. The faint and harmonized vocals of Katey and Hawk, layered on the intense synth, makes a great canvas for them to paint a picture for the evening of music. 

The PULP concert will begin a 7:30 p.m., on May 1, inside of the PULP office, which is located off of Union Ave. 

For more information about Eros and the Eschaton, visit www.bar-none.com/erosandtheeschaton or check out their music on their band camp page at goldenhearts.bandcamp.com

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